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Intarsia Down Under Woodworking Book
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Intarsia Down Under Woodworking Book

Intarsia Down Under

is a comprehensive introduction to the Art of Intarsia written from an Australian point of view.

The Australian Woodworker magazine doesn't think the book is too bad.

"It's an attractive book in full colour, with lots of good photographs (and we mean lots!). The author, the very talented Intarsia artist Steve Bundred, definitely believes in the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this instance it works."

Australian Woodworker magazine

If you are looking for a how to book to take you step by step through all aspects of producing fine intarsia artworks then look no further.

This is a quality publication printed on glossy paper and full of detailed, colour photos of all aspects of Intarsia Construction.

Table of Contents

Fine Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Patterns Book

  • My Introduction to Intarsia
  • What Saw is Best? Should you buy a bandsaw or a scrollsaw or something else. And how do you tune it for maximum performance?
  • Scroll Saws This simple trick will double the life of your blades.
  • Bandsaw Guides Learn how a simple modification to your guides will improve your cutting accuracy.
  • Double Cutting Perfect long joins that everyone can do easily.
  • What Timber is Best? A guide to choosing suitable intarsia woods.
  • Bleaching and Ebonising Timber Extend your range of wood colours using common household products.
  • Sanding Learn how to shape and finish off your projects the easy way.
  • Make your own inexpensive Flap Sander substitute You won't believe how much quicker this is than hand sanding.
  • Finishes Oils and Lacquers are compared and recommendations given.
  • Nine Original Projects Detailed plans and step by step instructions illustrated with photos clearly showing every aspect of Intarsia construction. Check out the photos on this page.
  • Safe Woodworking End your project with the same number of fingers you started with.
Step by step photos make construction a breeze
Even if you have never had a go at Intarsia before you will soon be up and running with the help of this fully illustrated guide. Lots of full colour photos of all the tricky bits will guide you every step of the way.

Patterns for Nine Projects with step by step instructions are included in the book.
The 9 included patterns, shown on the right, are graded from very simple to a bit more difficult, but not too tricky. Each project builds on the previous one and introduces new concepts one at a time. For instance
  • The first couple of projects, the Flying Kangaroo and the Wallaby, use one timber
  • The Koala Mum with Baby and the Koala Dad have more timbers
  • The Lazy Kangaroo begins a 3D effect
  • The Swaggy introduces double cutting
  • The Egret Mirror incorporates other woodworking skills to make the circular frame
  • and the Bikie takes the 3D effect to its intarsia limit

Good Woodworking magazine

Britain's biggest selling woodworking magazine said.

"Down Under woodworker, Steve Bundred has dragged intarsia into the 21st century. Full of information about tools and timber, with clear and precise step by step instruction, accompanied by excellent colour pictures and a grand Antipodean sense of humour, Intarsia Down Under also includes plans for a number (9 actually guys) of original projects."

The printed paper book "Intarsia Down Under"

  • Posted worldwide by 1st class mail. Shouldn't take more than a week or 10 days to your place. Quicker if you're an Aussie. Postage only $12 per order.

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All these patterns are included in the book Intarsia Down Under

The plans are full size and include detailed instructions and step by step photos.

Flying kangaroo intarsia woodworking how to books patternsFlying Kanga
This iconic Australian symbol makes for a very easy introduction to Intarsia.

Wallaby intarsia woodworking how to books patterns

Walla Bee

Another "one timber" Intarsia. Quick and easy.

Koala Dad
Three different timber colours is the next step in your Intarsia education.

Koala Mum
Five timbers and a little more complexity starts to make things interesting.

Lazy Kangaroo
What is it with Aussies and beer?
When you've learnt about "double cutting" you'll race through this project.
Made up of 4 easy layers. But when you've stuck them on top of each other you'll have a fabulous 3D design.

Egret Mirror
Multi media. Glass and many timber colours. The finished mirror looks superb.

A simple one page design that I threw in as an extra.

All Our Intarsia Patterns
African Elephant Intarsia Pattern
Angel Fish Intarsia Pattern
Backyard Contemplation Intarsia Pattern
Bikie Intarsia Pattern
Bull Intarsia Pattern
Bunny Intarsia Pattern
Butterfly Kitten Intarsia Pattern
Carrot for Lunch Intarsia Pattern
Charlie Chaplin Intarsia Pattern
Deckchair Kangaroo Intarsia Pattern
Dolphin Family Intarsia Pattern
Duck Intarsia Pattern
Ducklings Intarsia Pattern
Dunny Intarsia Pattern
Eagle Intarsia Pattern
Egret Mirror Intarsia Pattern
Elder Intarsia Pattern
Elephant Intarsia Pattern
Elvis Intarsia Pattern
Flying Kanga Intarsia Pattern
Fox Cub Intarsia Pattern
Friendly Frog Intarsia Pattern
Gecko Intarsia Pattern
Gentle Foal Intarsia Pattern
Goanna Intarsia Pattern
Hello Cocky Intarsia Pattern
Honeyeater Intarsia Pattern
Horses Head Intarsia Pattern
Kittens Intarsia Pattern
Koala Dad Intarsia Pattern
Koala Mum and Baby Intarsia Pattern
Kookaburra Intarsia Pattern
Lazy Kangaroo Intarsia Pattern
Lazy Koala Intarsia Pattern
Marilyn Monroe Intarsia Pattern
Marlin Intarsia Pattern
Mo Intarsia Pattern
Numbat Intarsia Pattern
Palm Cockatoo Intarsia Pattern
Pistol Intarsia Pattern
Playful Pup Intarsia Pattern
Pumpkin Cottage Intarsia Pattern
Pup on Parade Intarsia Pattern
Puss in Boot Intarsia Pattern
Ram Intarsia Pattern
Sailboard Intarsia Pattern
Sailing Downwind Intarsia Pattern
Sandy Intarsia Pattern
Shark Intarsia Pattern
Spotty Fish Intarsia Pattern
Swaggy Intarsia Pattern
Teddy Intarsia Pattern
Tree Frog Intarsia Pattern
Triple Dolphin Intarsia Pattern
Up North Intarsia Pattern
Wallaby Intarsia Pattern
Wombat Intarsia Pattern

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