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Koala Mum and Baby Intarsia Pattern
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Koala Mum and Baby Intarsia Pattern

Now you are up to five different timbers and a little more detail in this design.

But this is still a project that even the complete beginner is going to find very straightforward.

And you will have to admit that Mum does have attitude!

There are plenty of handy tips in the book including how to make the round plugs for Mum's eyes. No lathe needed.

Baby's eyes are burnt on with a home made pyrography pen. A piece of bent wire and a candle? Too easy.

Full details and instructions, as always, are included with the pattern.

But don't take our word, check out some of our Customer's Finished Koala Projects

This pattern is included in my book 'Intarsia Down Under' and not only includes a full size plan but 2 pages of detailed instructions along with 11 full colour step by step photos. Anyone will be able to make this cute intarsia.

Finished Intarsia Size:
360mm x 250mm (14"x10")

Number of Pieces:

Koala Mum Fine Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Patterns

Plan Size:
A4 297mm x 210mm (12" x 81/2")

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"Intarsia Down Under"
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This is a small section of the very detailed computer drawn plan that will guide you through the construction process

Some Sample Timbers used in this piece

Koala Mum Fine Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Patterns
Silky Oak
Baby face
Koala Mum Fine Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Patterns
Koala Mum Fine Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Patterns
Koala Mum Fine Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Patterns
Koala Mum Fine Woodworking Projects and Intarsia Patterns
Satin Oak
Arm, body and ears

Use these samples as a guide to colours only. You should use wood that you can easily obtain locally.

The pattern includes detailed guidelines on choosing suitable timbers. Need more timber colours? Check out our guide to Ebonizing and Bleaching Timber here.

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Like everything, a really complicated intarsia is, well, complicated, and needs lots of work.

Simple patterns are a lot, what's the word I'm looking for, simpler.

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